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Lattuga organics is Tropical Beauty


Hey, belleza!

Your skincare doesn’t have to be another task. It should be an oasis of self-love and a celebration of your raw, natural beauty.

We are Lattuga Organics. Our products are ethically sourced, plant-based, cruelty free and completely natural to target your skin conditions while nourishing and giving back to your body and the environment.

Mother Nature left us the recipe for healthy skin; it’s hidden here in the mountains of the Caribbean. Our home island of Puerto Rico is our oasis and our source of inspiration. We can't wait for you to experience it through our products.




    Our coffee. your Skin. 

We know you love your morning "cafecito" (and so do we!), Locally grown and toasted in Lares, Puerto Rico, the Central Mountain region of the Island, our coffee is a reflection of our standards.

Coffee looks good on you

  Exfoliating with ground coffee stimulates circulation and jump-starts your body's natural process of releasing toxins through pores.

  Our tropical coffee scrubs help fade away spots and help reduce the appearance of acne scars, cellulite & stretch marks.

  They also aid with other conditions, reducing puffiness and blemishes for brighter, healthier skin.






"Cariñito pa' tu piel" means love and healing for your skin.

Loving your body is mandatory. Our brand aims to simply enhance and take care of your raw, natural beauty. You are beautiful as you are.

Stay present, enjoy the here and now. This is the true basis of self-care.

What you choose to use on your skin can positively impact your overall wellness and the wider world. Start your own journey towards self-love and individuality.